Calculator Extension

Cloud-based services app for Casio scientific calculators

The CASIO EDU+ app allows you to access additional functions not available on ClassWiz from a smartphone, by scanning the relevant QR Code from ClassWiz. Features include Draw Graph/Formula (Online Visualization), Share Graph/Formula (Online Sharing) and Search Method (Online Manual).
The app also tunes the QR Code scanning algorithm to improve the accuracy when used with ClassWiz.

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Online Visualization

A numerical formula/graph drawing linked with the Keisan service

The inputted formula and data are made into a QR Code matching the settings on the calculator, and then displayed on the calculator's screen. The numerical formulas and graphs can be displayed by reading the QR Code with an application on a smartphone, tablet, or other similar device.

* QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED in Japan and in other countries.

Keisan Online Calculator provides High Accuracy results and useful calculators for daily life, learning, business and research.


Convert the numerical formula into a QR Code!

Numerical formula display

Numerical formulas can be displayed with an application on smartphone, tablet, or other similar device.

Graph display

Graphs can be displayed on smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices.

Online Manual

Learn how to use the calculator quickly by using Direct Jump, it will take you directly to the information you need in the manual

You can learn how to use the calculator quickly by doing the following: displaying the QR Code on the page that corresponds to the online manual, and then reading the QR Code with an application on a smartphone, tablet, of similar device. This will display the relevant page on the online manual.

Function Table

Online Visualization

Mode Input/
Graph Table
Calculate - -
Complex - -
Base-N - -
Matrix - -
Vector - -
Statistics Statistics Calc -
Data(1-Var) Frequency Off -

Med-box Graph

Pie Chart

Bar Graph

Frequency On -


Data(2-Var) Frequency Off -

Scatter Graph

Regression Graph

Frequency On -

Scatter Graph

Regression Graph

1-Variable Calc

Med-box Graph

2-Variable Calc - -
Regression Calc - -

(Only Math setting)

Learn More
Equation Simul Equation

(Only 2 Unknowns)

Polynomial -
Inequality -
Ratio - -
Distribution List -

(Except Inverse Normal)

Verify - -
Spreadsheet -

※ The statistic calculation mode and table calculation mode data will be rolled into numerical numbers of 6 digits, and then sent.

※ The display conversion function via setup and via some of the commands are not supported.

※ The calculation results and accuracy may vary on the scientific calculator.

Online Manual

You can see the online manual by displaying the QR Code in the following screen and reading the QR Code with a QR Code Scanner

Calculator screen
Main menu
Setup screen
Error screen
Besides the above -

System Requirements

  • Supported browsers
    Google Chrome 41 or newer (Android 4.x, Android 5.x, Windows Vista, Windows7 32bit/64bit, Windows 8(8.1) 32bit/64bit) Safari 7 or newer (iOS7, iOS8, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.10)
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